Everyone here at All4btc.com like to keep up with Tech, so we could not wait to get our hands the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

We had pre-ordered using bitcoin as soon as it was announce and have been waiting for weeks for it to arrive, so for this exciting occasion, we put together a short unboxing so you can get an idea what the S7 looks like straight out of the box.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing

The S7 Edge looks impressive right away. It feels great in the hand, the design is beautiful, built with high end materials, a big upgrade from the previous generations. Head over here for the full specs.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge bottom

Once you turn it on the full 5.5” screen, the device comes to life, as it extends over the sides making the viewable space seemingly blend into the real world.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Front

This feeling is not lost with the 12 mega-pixel camera. The performance is exceptional with the dual pixel sensor reacting incredibly fast in changing lighting conditions. Motion Photo & Panorama modes are fun to play with, and will surely be flooding social media channels very soon.

We are still waiting for the VR head set to arrive. Once it does, we will be back with another video!

Until then, happy shopping bitcoiners!



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