We have been using Bitcoin for years now, and while the acceptance of the digital currency has grown by leaps and bounds, there are still plenty of stores that do not accept Bitcoin.

Big names such as Overstock.com, WordPress, and now Dell have all begun accepting Bitcoin, including many, many more.

Small local businesses all over the world are leading the revolution in online payments by embracing the advantages of cryptocurrencies, with our homebase of Berlin sporting over 50 locations where customers can pay electronically without banks or third parties taking a cut.

But even after learning Bitcoin has no risk of chargebacks, requires no permission or fees to set up, and has no merchant-side transaction fees, there are still companies refusing to allow their customers to pay with Bitcoin.

These are not bitcoins


An All-encompassing Alternative

We’re not at the point in history where we have a list of shops that DO NOT accept Bitcoin, but for all these places, there’s All4Btc.com.

All4Btc is an alternative to cash out their coins for electronics, musical instruments, apartments, home appliances, concert tickets, and a whole bunch of crazy stuff.

Many passionate bitcoiners have written endearing letters to their favorite shops, evangelizing the great benefits a company can reap when accepting Bitcoin.

But no longer will poor bitcoiners have to beg, for All4Btc is there.

We have processed over 1 million Euro worth of products for Bitcoin, and as of August 2014, All4Btc.com has fulfilled 96% of orders.

But if you live in Europe, and your wanted item is in stock at a store accepting Paypal, we guarantee your order will be processed quickly and without a hitch.

So next time you see “PayPal accepted here”, you can read it as “Bitcoin accepted here“.


How does it work?

Check out our quick 20-second video to see for yourself:


All4Btc.com How-To Video

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