Pay with Bitcoin Chrome Extension

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Turn Amazon into your one-stop Bitcoin shop with the All4Btc Chrome Extension

What does it do?

Lets you buy anything on Amazon with Bitcoin.

We’ve made our service even easier by accepting Bitcoin for Amazon – directly on their site. Simply fill up your shopping cart and proceed to checkout and automatically let the All4Btc extension help you easily make any purchase with Bitcoin.

1-Click Amazon Bitcoin Checkout

How to use

1.) Shop on Amazon

Put together a shopping list for yourself, proceed to checkout and you’ll now be able to “Pay with Bitcoin through All4btc”extension

2.) Verify Shipping and Products

Make sure your shipping address is correct, as well as the selection of products and total cost


3.) Pay with Bitcoin

Scan or click to pay and check your invoice for updates!


Use Amazon as you normally would, and add the feature many have been waiting for: Bitcoin acceptance! Roger Ver predicted that Amazon will begin accepting Bitcoin in 2014, but even if that were to become true, you do not have to wait to add this feature for yourself. The All4Btc Chrome Extension lets you shop and pay with Bitcoin anywhere.

Check out our FAQ page, watch our video, or get in touch with us for more information.