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We offer a full Get-your-money-back guarantee, if we can not fulfill the order.

Since the beginning of our operations we make it easy:

1. You pay, we fulfill.
2. If we can not fulfill, we refund you.

( Just to make sure, this is what we do not buy: Subscriptions, Tor markets, or darknet sites, P18 stuff when you are not 18. )

Find our arguments to shop online using bitcoin:

1. Our fee is the cheapest on the entire planet.

Please review the Frequently Answered Questions before shopping and include our commission in your calculation.

2. Check your daily order status

Our shopping agent serves customers every business day. We guarantee that within 24 to 48 hours the order has been proceeded - Check your order status!

3. Your dedicated support team enables sophisticated communication

To sort things out, we highly recommend using our ticket system.

Before ordering, click to subscribe email confirmations for your order. You will receive specific status updates for the whole process and each individually order.

If you are looking for to get in our priority inbox direct asking questions e.g. before ordering get in touch via [email protected]

4. Simple Refund Policy

Our refund policy states the user have to contact [email protected] to initiate a refund.

Hint: Our users cannot initiate a refund from our merchant processor BitPay without all4btc’s consent. BitPay does not handle customer requests for refunds, as BitPay is an agent of the merchant, not the customer.

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We are the leading global shopping service by offering fulfilment for digital and physically shipped consumer goods and services, exclusive for bitcoin user.

Your packages are directly shipped by decentralized warehouses, online shops or marketplaces e.g. Amazon, eBay and any other from thousands of internet retailer.

We include thousands of bitcoin user with their favorite merchants, because All4btc does not require merchant integration.

We enable users from around the world to shop anything online with Bitcoin.

Serving thousands of global users and providing access to thousands of businesses, we are building the bridge to access emerging markets and new customers via online commerce.

Our fulfillment provides the same terms and conditions as stated by the seller. All kind of individually money-back, merchant’s guarantees or return policies are covered within our services. Please review our terms of services, the commissionaire contract for user and business, before shopping online.

Our dedicated and multi-lingual support team will help out to find the answer for even complicated order processes. Get in touch with [email protected] to clarity any technical feature or individual shipment tracking.

Bitcoin features consumer advantages

Avoiding bitcoin exchanges, All4btc empowers bitcoin users:

  • No exchange risk
  • No volatility risk
  • No transaction delays
  • No additional fees
  • No identification
  • No paper work
  • No account required
  • No bank or local currency required

We shop

  • In your name
  • with your invoice
  • providing manufacturer guarantee
  • directly shipped from the seller

Optimize the process of online shopping

All4btc is a shopping agent for you and the merchant.

  1. You collect the URL of your favorite product/s
  2. You calculate the total price incl. shipping to your favorite address
  3. You submit an individual order
  4. You enter your shipping information
  5. You pay the bitcoin invoice within 15 minutes
  6. We purchase the item(s)
  7. We confirm your shipping information
  8. We hand out your receipt
  9. We track your shipment
  10. You receive the product/s

Start to accept bitcoin and shorten your supply chain

You might be a merchant and be curious about all the advantages bitcoin brings to ecommerce…

Our All4btc payment checkout is powered by the leading bitcoin business solution and merchant payment provider BitPay.

Are you a business owner?

Start collecting global online payments today.

Accept Bitcoin !

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We have been using Bitcoin for years now, and while the acceptance of the digital currency has grown by leaps and bounds, there are still plenty of stores that do not accept Bitcoin.

Big names such as, WordPress, and now Dell have all begun accepting Bitcoin, including many, many more.

Small local businesses all over the world are leading the revolution in online payments by embracing the advantages of cryptocurrencies, with our homebase of Berlin sporting over 50 locations where customers can pay electronically without banks or third parties taking a cut.

But even after learning Bitcoin has no risk of chargebacks, requires no permission or fees to set up, and has no merchant-side transaction fees, there are still companies refusing to allow their customers to pay with Bitcoin.

These are not bitcoins


An All-encompassing Alternative

We’re not at the point in history where we have a list of shops that DO NOT accept Bitcoin, but for all these places, there’s

All4Btc is an alternative to cash out their coins for electronics, musical instruments, apartments, home appliances, concert tickets, and a whole bunch of crazy stuff.

Many passionate bitcoiners have written endearing letters to their favorite shops, evangelizing the great benefits a company can reap when accepting Bitcoin.

But no longer will poor bitcoiners have to beg, for All4Btc is there.

We have processed over 1 million Euro worth of products for Bitcoin, and as of August 2014, has fulfilled 96% of orders.

But if you live in Europe, and your wanted item is in stock at a store accepting Paypal, we guarantee your order will be processed quickly and without a hitch.

So next time you see “PayPal accepted here”, you can read it as “Bitcoin accepted here“.


How does it work?

Check out our quick 20-second video to see for yourself: How-To Video

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Guest post by Raphaela Lucsok, suffering partner of All4Btc Manager Phil Lucsok

First of all, I don’t know anything about Bitcoin.

I probably know more than the average human because for a while now every aspect of my life has somehow been connected to Bitcoin and its seemingly endless ways of improving the world.

Here’s the thing, I’m a suffering wife of a Bitcoin-obsessed person.

If you have a partner equally fascinated by the “new, decentralised, open-source, global crypto-currency”, then you may understand my pain.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that I’ve come to know as the 10 symptoms of Bitcoin-Obsessed people suffer from.

We may even start a self-help group… and no, we will not meet at Room 77.

Special thanks to Živile Antukaite – another suffering partner of a Bitcoin lover – for designing the graphic!

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Download the
free extension

Clothes and Accessories for Bitcoin

Zalando is one of Germany’s fastest growing and most successful startups.

They have a huge variety of clothes and accessories, with outstanding shipping and customer service. Since we founded Bitcoins Berlin, we’ve been pushing Zalando to accept bitcoin, so far without any success.

After seeing how successful our All4btc Chrome extension was on Amazon and Ebay, generating over €1 million in sales, we thought it is time to show Zalando how much they are missing out by not accepting Bitcoin.

If they will realize how big Bitcoin is already they might change their minds and we hope that we will be the ones to make them take a second look.

Chic Geeks

Zalando is also very important for us as a team. We have often thought about the problem of getting women into Bitcoin, such as buying gifts, and anything else that may suit your desires.

Especially in Berlin, there are many attempts to get more girls involved in Bitcoin, and the Bitcoin Mädchenabend, a recent ladies-only bitcoin meetup, is a promising step forward.

While we’ve already created Electronics for Bitcoins for our geeks and geekettes, implementing Zalando in our extension gives an even better justification for boyfriends hoarding those coins.

As a team are always striving to make it easier to use Bitcoin.

Just look for the product you like, press Buy with Bitcoin and enter the size, colour and your address and the order will be processed in under 24 hours.

It’s simple, fast and secure.

Now you can buy clothes with Bitcoin.

The 1-Click All4btc Chrome Extension

Our own record to order a product with our Chrome extension was 25 seconds.

Are you able to beat that? If you can’t click fast enough, you can still rest assured that it’s still at least 5 times faster than creating an account, verifying your email address, and checking out with a credit card.

If anyone from Zalando is reading this and wants to reap the benefits of accepting Bitcoin risk-free, find out how here.

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We at All4Btc have been helping people use their Bitcoins to buy anything, without waiting for this company or that store to begin accepting Bitcoin.

After a year of success, and a great response to our Spring Special, we are permanently lowering our fees to 2% for all purchases made within the European Union using Euro.

Despite the obvious advantages of merchants accepting Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Evangelist Roger Ver’s prediction that Amazon will begin accepting Bitcoin in 2014, there are many online shops lagging behind the times.

All4Btc helps you buy anything from anywhere with Bitcoin*, without submitting yourself to begging your favorite store to begin accepting Bitcoin.

Thanks again to all of our customers who have been supporting us.

Head over to our FAQ section to find out more about our service and how we can help you cash out your bitcoins without an exchange. How-To Video

*Besides darknet sites or subscriptions

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Another step toward a Crypto-Bank

Munich-based Fidor Bank AG took another giant leap forward in their investment in decentralized and open-source technologies, becoming the first bank to use the Ripple payment protocol, an open-source decentralized payment network that focuses on conducting fast, cheap and secure transactions.

Fidor Bank provides personal and business banking services to residents of Germany, giving one more reason why Berlin is going crazy for Bitcoin, and giving owners of Bitcoin hope that their regional bank will wake up shortly as well.

The CEO, Matthias Kröner, stated that the implementation of the new technology will save the company costs on conducting intra-bank transactions.

A Market Effect?

While the effects of this new partnership between Ripple and Fidor may remain on the lower-level and away from customers’ eyes, Fidor recognizes the value in building upon decentralized open-source methods, and stockholders are also noticing.


Fidor Bank AG stock price rose over 60% since partnership [] 

Fidor Bank AG stock has been looking very good since their unprecedented move in July to partner with, and the stock market seems interested in innovation and creativity, recognizing the aggressive movement into digital currencies Fidor has made during the last year:

  1. July 10th, 2013 - Partnership
  2. October 9th, 2013 - Kraken Partnership
  3. January 11, 2014 - Fidor Bitcoin Derivatives market
  4. May 5th, 2014 - Fidor announces Ripple Payment Network integration

By creating a Bitcoin-friendly environment that customers can safely store, buy and sell bitcoins and euros, account owners can rest assured that Fidor has just as much stake in the currency.

There have been repeated reports of banks closing customers’ accounts due to associated activity with digital currencies [1, 2, 3].

The state of Ohio may have banned Bitcoin-for-Alcohol sales, and China… well.

The first Bank of many

Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos has pointed out on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast that although there aren’t many Bitcoin-friendly banks around yet, all it takes is one maverick to recognize the inherent value that Bitcoin has as a technology, then all the rest of the banks will have no choice to participate in this new market.

And with so many bank branches taking overly aggressive actions upon their customers, Fidor Bank is showing themselves to be the standard of forward-thinking banks the Bitcoin community has been yearning for, and the rest of the world needs.

Are you a resident of Germany? Test out a Fidor Bank account here

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“Public Safety” party poopers try to ban Bitcoin for alcohol-related sales

China isn’t the only place trying to ban Bitcoin. The Ohio Department of Public Safety has notified a local liquor store that “Bitcoin cannot be accepted as payment for alcohol in the State of Ohio”.

While it’s great to hear that Ohio has a brand new hub of Bitcoin-accepting shops, called the Bitcoin Boulevard, reported that the Public Safety Department’s quick-draw decision will affect many small businesses throughout Ohio.

The statement was issued after the liquor shops accepting Bitcoin proactively reached out to the Department in order to get a clear answer, declaring that since Bitcoin is classified as a property by the IRS, it cannot be traded for alcohol.

Luckily, the way Bitcoin can be used in combination with companies and payment processors such as BitPay, it’s not so hard to get around these silly rules.


A place for Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Boulevard is a collection of local small businesses who teamed up to create a concentrated area where Bitcoin users can shop at brick-and-mortar stores, much like the Bitcoin Kiez located in Berlin, right around the corner from Bitcoins Berlin and’s headquarters.

Regulators just don’t understand

Despite making it clear to regulators that the shop was using BitPay, a service that instantly converts customers’ bitcoins into dollars for the merchant, organizer Nikhil Chand was unable to convince the board that the stores are dealing with dollars and not bitcoins directly.

CoinDesk reported that the liquor law of Ohio states that only “money” can be accepted as payment for alcohol, but the definition of money in this case is not made clear and open to interpretation.

Since liquor licenses are often extremely susceptible to revocation, even indirect/unrelated offenses it looks like the Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights, Ohio will be limited to old-fashioned cash and credit cards when selling their products.

It is confusing to many in the Bitcoin community as to how this has any benefit to “Public Safety”, as Bitcoin is a more secure method of payment, and liquor stores always must verify the age of their customers regardless of the payment method.


I get around…

If you do want to support the Wine Spot on the Bitcoin Boulevard, you can still order via their online shop using old fashioned and insecure credit cards, or use our service to cleverly get around Ohio’s ill-advised regulation.

This is possible due to our German business status and simultaneously protects the Wine Spot because they need not know that Bitcoin was used as the primary purchase method.

Bitcoiners choosing to use can easily buy gift cards* from The Wine Spot, or any other popular online alcohol merchant such as Market View Liquor (US) or (Germany).

Buy liquor, or anything else at!

*Note: can only supply gift cards for shops selling alcohol, since we do not collect identifying information to prove age.

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Are you Bitcoin broke?

Sucks, don’t it?

Definitions may vary, but to be Bitcoin broke, both of the following must be true

  • Have at least 90% of your wealth in Bitcoin
  • The Bitcoin price is too low (in your opinion)
  • You need a bit of fiat just to get by

You don’t want to sell, because you know that the price is going to go up, but you need money now for boring things like rent, heating and elephant faeces.

We at Bitcoins Berlin are feeling the pain.

Each of us in the company has most of their wealth in Bitcoins and we sure as hell don’t want to sell them.

Our sales are correlated with the Bitcoin price

It doesn’t help that our sales are directly correlated with the Bitcoin price.


Is the Bitcoin price making you unhappy?

Have you got a bad case of the crypto gloom?

One of the worst things about digital currencies is the fact that most people don’t really understand.

What’s even more annoying is when people think they understand, but in fact they don’t.

I recently got a call from my mother:

Ben, I saw something on the news. I think Bitcoin’s closed down. I think it’s finished.

She was of course referring to M-T-gox.

Just one of the 10 things that Bitcoiners hate to hear.

Keep cheery with Cryptohumour sites

Keep your spirits up with various cryptohumour sources.

Like The Onion but for Bitcoin.

We really love The Coinion and it’s a great place to reflect on the level of public misunderstanding of Bitcoin.

Short and sweet.

These comics have a wonderfully simple design that contrasts well with the complexity of the humour.



We’ve been curating all the wonderful gags and pictures created by the Bitcoin community on pinterest.



Until the price increases, remember that Spartans hold.

If you really have to spend your Bitcoins, I guess we can help you out.

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When the price goes above $1000, we’re giving away a Samsung S5 to one of our customers.


“It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen”

Joerg, our trusty CEO, was muttering to himself again.

His French bulldog was tugging at the bottom of his jeans, but he just stared blankly at his screen - a mass of red and green lines.

The life of a Bitcoiner is not always easy and we’ve all caught ourselves checking the price more than once a day, hour, minute.

We’re trying to be positive

We are giving away a Samsung S5 to a lucky customer when the price goes above $1000 again.

To be eligible to win:

  • Make a purchase on All4btc from today onwards
  • Use an email address through which we can contact you

Once the price is above $1000, we’ll select a customer at random and attempt to alert him / her by email

Buy anything with Bitcoin is a site that lets you buy anything on the web with Bitcoin.

Just fill out the order form with the link to what you want to buy.


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“But can you buy anything with it?”

There are estimates saying already over 50,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin, and more joining the network every day, but not all of our favorite stores have been willing to open up to the new and improved online payment network.

Whether it’s ignorance or fear, the advantages of Bitcoin experienced by the people who use it every day are undeniable.


Bitcoin is accepted at over 50 locations in Berlin, Germany

Money of the future, now

After using Bitcoin, it quickly becomes clear that when you’re standing in line at the bank, signing a credit card receipt, or fetching the right coin out of your pocket, that there is a much better way we could all go about this.

“If only they accepted Bitcoin,” I’ve often thought.

Even with the growing acceptance of Bitcoin by large companies such as and, not all of our favorite shops are connected, especially the gems found in the realm of ecommerce…

That’s why a year ago we started, a service where people can buy creative and crazy things, as well as gifts, with Bitcoin, regardless of if the merchant even knows what Bitcoin is.

Ship anything

We have heard the famous Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos say that goat dung has more inherent value than paper money because it burns longer, and we agree.

And when we discovered an amazing service based in Germany that ships dung to your desired location, we thought this is still a better way to use bitcoins than to panic sell for quick-burning paper money. is a service that will deliver organic elephant poop anywhere in Europe.

They don’t accept Bitcoin, and exchange charts of BTC/POOP aren’t yet available, but the risky investor can trade bitcoins for elephant dung and have it shipped in days!

The website claims “surely there is someone who deserves such a gift,” and by filling out the shipping form — with your personal information kept “anonymous” — you can send shit anywhere.

How to buy

Click the bitcoin button below to purchase a shipment of Scheisse to your friend.

With Paypal and Bank Transfer it’s not anonymous, with bitcoins…

“Normal” Package


XL Package


If you would like to buy anything from merchants that do not accept Bitcoin, such as Amazon or eBay, check out and learn how to use those coins. We have customer support and are a registered company in Germany.

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We at the team quickly updated our SSL implementation to make sure our users are safe against the Heartbleed vulnerability to make Bitcoin transactions.

Security, security, security…

After shortly suspending our service until we fully tested against the vulnerability, we now can say that our users our safe as possible.

Security is always our top priority when dealing with Bitcoin transactions, and we have implemented plenty of security features to make the use of our site built with security and privacy in mind.

We’d also like to thank the few good Samaritans who notified us about the issue while we were working on it.

Users are recommended to visit to learn more.

If anybody has any concerns about the security of, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Flowers for a loved one on a business trip, toys for your distant niece, making an anonymous donation…


People want to buy all sorts of things for their friends and family, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or a simple note to the wife thanking her for her patience with the recent Bitcoin exchange rate.

The push-only environment of the Bitcoin payment network allows for low-trust transactions to take place easily and reliably, meaning that since we immediately receive payment, we assume the shipping address of products we ship are the desired destination.

Credit cards don’t work the same way, and with the risk of chargebacks being so high some retailers don’t even allow a different shipping address from the billing address.

By using the service, people can easily buy gifts for others.


How it works with

Because of the way Bitcoin works, once it’s sent, it cannot be pulled back.

That means no chargeback is possible, allowing us to simply ship products right away because we know for a fact that we have the money to do so.

While many other online shopping sites force you to join by registering, we offer a simple 3-step shopping process that keeps you updated without the need to remember a password or give us too much information.



If you’re sending some flowers or a card, your message can be delivered exactly how you wish.

All sorts of customization options for any site’s products is made possible with our customer service team, who will keep you up to date with the status of your order by answering any questions along the way.


Have a gift idea already? Paste the link at and pay with Bitcoin!

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“So, what do you do?”

Most of the time we enjoy talking about Bitcoin and explaining what it is and how it works, but sometimes explaining the alien foundations of cryptocurrency can get slightly monotonous.

We at Bitcoins Berlin do it a lot, but some days you’re tired and just want to have a normal conversation.

That’s why we invented, our fictitious, yet descriptively named company.

I think the longest someone has believed us is 2 days.


Tired of talking about Bitcoin? Make up a new job.

“I don’t understand”

I’ve told you everything.

I’ve given you all my best analogies and described Bitcoin in layman’s terms as best as I know how.

I created a wallet for you and gave you 1mBTC for which you thanked me with a beer.

I even showed you that wonderfully pastel-coloured video.

I did everything I possibly could and have been talking at you for half an hour.

Yet, you still don’t have a clue what I do or why it works.


“I understand”

What’s even more frustrating than people not understanding Bitcoin, is people claiming that they do understand it when they don’t.

I met an extremely annoying Canadian, which is strange as I like nearly all of the Canadians I meet.

I gave her the ‘2 minute’ version of what it Bitcoin.

She paused for a second before replying,

“So, it’s like PayPal?”

“Well.. a little bit, but it’s also its own currency.”

“Ok. I understand.”

You understand?

You really understand?

I mean, it took me a lot longer than a 2 minute conversation to understand Bitcoin, but you got it straight away.

You must be some kind of fricking genius.

Why aren’t you in government or in a research lab solving the world’s problems instead of drinking watered down rum and coke’s in a bar full of white people?

“Bitcoin.. that’s the drug currency, right?”

Oh, Dread Pirate Roberts, you scurvy, and utterly doomed, pirate scumbag.

Thanks to you, Bitcoin has a drug hangover that it will not shake off for another 5 years.

To be fair, if you hadn’t had done it, someone else would have.

Ah, Roberts, because of you my family thinks I’m a drug dealer.

“Didn’t China ban it?”

How many times can China ban Bitcoin?

I think I’ve counted at least 3 so far.

Just ban it and get the whole thing over and done with.

Done fake it or stagger the announcements.

Anyone working inside the Bitcoin ecosystem knows that it’s kinder just to publish the bad news straight away opposed to dragging it out for as long as possible…

The Chinese for Bitcoin is 比特币 (Bǐtè bì). Whenever you hear this, start selling.

“What about MtGox?”

Magic the Gathering Online Exchange never completely forgot it roots and it certainly still had some tricks left up its sleeves.

A typical day in Tokyo might have gone a little like this:

“For my next trick,” shouts Karpeles, from upon an upturned bucket set in the middle of their Tokyo office.

He is clothed only a red dressing gown and the whites of his eyes are showing.

“For my next, trick I shall crash the Bitcoin market for a third time.”

* Poof * and the Bitcoins were gone.

Just after I had managed to convince my friends and family that Bitcoin was fueled by more than its drug smuggling, money laundering, baby-killing capacity.

MtGox comes and performs one last trick, covering everything and anyone in the Bitcoin scene with a thin veil of shit.

Bien fait, Mark.

Anything your parents say about Bitcoin

British parents believe it healthy to have some degree of knowledge about their progeny’s occupation.

I find it somewhat sweet when my mother asks me how Bitcoin is doing this week.

What I do not appreciate, however, is when they try and advise me in some way.

After the recent MtGox nightmare, the media’s coverage of Bitcoin had once again become overwhelmingly negative, prompting my mother to call me.

“Ben, I saw something in the news today. I think Bitcoin is finished. It’s over.”

Yes, thank you mum. I’ll get on that right away.

Mother: when will you get a real job?

“It’s a Ponzi scheme”

Yup. You got me.

I was trying to sell you a wholesale bundle of bitcoins and energy drinks.

You’ll make your money back straight away - I promise.

“Didn’t Bitcoin fail already?”

Fuck! I knew I should have looked at the internet this month.

This man is not related to this article in any way whatsoever.

“But there is no value behind Bitcoin right?”

No there is not.

Bitcoin is backed up by nothing other than the belief it has value… like euros, dollars and every other fiat currency.

Let’s lament the gold standard together, dear friend.

Looking to getting rid of your poisonous cryptocurrency quickly?