Legal Statement

Providing online shopping fulfillment for bitcoin user

All4btc is your online shopping agent, we buy goods and services on your behalf, in your own name and using your invoice address.

Since we constantly improve and iterate the processes features, we empower our users by providing compliance to the German law of trade § 383, § 384 and § 406 and taking the responsibilities as your commissionaire to

  • perform the acquired business with the diligence of a prudent businessman

  • act in interest of the principal (user) and to follow its precepts

  • give the user the necessary information

  • notify immediately the order fulfillment

  • notify the state and performance of the business

  • oblige to account to the user

  • issue him that which he has obtained from the agency

  • disclose the seller contact to enable direct communication

That’s why we empowered you to easily check your order status.

All4btc is obliged to pass everything he receives for execution of the contract and what he gained from the seller, dropshipper or market place.

Our contract is the commitment, that we promise to fulfill the shopping and the buyer to pay the agreed remuneration. The subject of the contract is the success of our service.

Through the service contract the seller provides the buyer the product and the title for the product. The seller guarantees the buyer items free from material defects and deficiencies.

If the agent is not committing in accordance with the instructions of the user, he is responsible to make compensation for the damage and the user has not to accept the business on his behalf.

Should the agent have an contractual obligation, the user may require compensation for the damage thereby incurred. This does not apply if the debtor is not responsible for the breach of duty.

Compensation instead of fulfillment for the user may require only under additional requirements.

The shopping agent obliged to perform the promised services. The user is obliged to grant the agreed remuneration and to take the delivery of the purchased goods.

The agent is authorized to deviate from the instructions of the user, if he should accept the circumstances that the user would approve the variation in knowledge of the facts.

Bundling purchasing power lowers transactions fees

For the expenses necessary to perform the contract, the user has to pay the agent on request advance.

Our commission fee is requested when the transaction has been executed.

If the agent does not come to the execution, we are nevertheless entitled to the delivery of commission.

Basically, the agent may require a commission, if the execution of the contract is omitted solely from a lying in the person of the user.

The user is obliged to compensate for expenses which focus the purpose of the contract execution which are considered as necessary in the circumstances.