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Skyblock is an very popular adventure world, in which you need to survive with minimal resources.
You're starting on a little island, with only one single tree, a chest and two items.
While you build your island, you can rank up on the best list and trade with players!


Citybuild is a place where you can build your own empire, alone or with your friends.
You can farm all the resources that you need in the Nether, or the Farmworld.
You can trade items for items or money and rank up more and more.
Your imagination knows no boundaries!


Creative is a place where you can build anything you can imagine.
Nothing is impossible there.
Do build contests with your friends or just build for fun.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

The goal of this game as a traitor is to kill all innocents while not being noticed and satying alive until the end of the game.
Meanwhile the innocents have to look after the behaviour of other players and hints from the killed players to find out, who is a traitor and kill them.

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The tinerix team is friendly, determined and always there if someone needs help.
Do you have questions? Join the discord server at http://discord.tinerix.de/ or execute the ingame command "/support"!


Tinerix.de now exists for more than a half year.
Everything started off with an idea for a nice community server, which then was joined by a nice team and a few players.