No credit card? No bank account? No problem.

Buying things on Amazon (or other online shops) is now easier with All4Btc.
Regardless of whether you don’t have a credit card, it’s currently not working, or you don’t want to wait the extra time needed for a wire transfer or check to clear, you can still shop at any online store using bitcoins.

Say that you want to buy some sneakers on Amazon without registering for any account, here’s how:

Step 1.) Copy the item’s link. No need to sign up for any account!



Step 2.) Paste the address into


Step 3.) Fill out your shipping details



Step 4.) Pay with Bitcoin


Shipped directly to your door!

Shortly after you pay, your item will be quickly shipped to you directly from Amazon without any account registration or sign up required! Credit cards and bank transfers are no longer necessary to get what you need online.

Our team provides fast daily order processing and personal customer service.

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