When the price goes above $1000, we’re giving away a Samsung S5 to one of our customers.


“It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen”

Joerg, our trusty CEO, was muttering to himself again. His French bulldog was tugging at the bottom of his jeans, but he just stared blankly at his screen - a mass of red and green lines.

The life of a Bitcoiner is not always easy and we’ve all caught ourselves checking the price more than once a day, hour, minute.

We’re trying to be positive

We are giving away a Samsung S5 to a lucky customer when the price goes above $1000 again.

To be eligible to win:

  • Make a purchase on All4btc from today onwards
  • Use an email address through which we can contact you

Once the price is above $1000, we’ll select a customer at random and attempt to alert him / her by email

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