Flowers for a loved one on a business trip, toys for your distant niece, making an anonymous donation…


People want to buy all sorts of things for their friends and family, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or a simple note to the wife thanking her for her patience with the recent Bitcoin exchange rate.

The push-only environment of the Bitcoin payment network allows for low-trust transactions to take place easily and reliably, meaning that since we immediately receive payment, we assume the shipping address of products we ship are the desired destination.

Credit cards don’t work the same way, and with the risk of chargebacks being so high some retailers don’t even allow a different shipping address from the billing address.

By using the service, people can easily buy gifts for others.


How it works with

Because of the way Bitcoin works, once it’s sent, it cannot be pulled back.

That means no chargeback is possible, allowing us to simply ship products right away because we know for a fact that we have the money to do so.

While many other online shopping sites force you to join by registering, we offer a simple 3-step shopping process that keeps you updated without the need to remember a password or give us too much information.



If you’re sending some flowers or a card, your message can be delivered exactly how you wish.

All sorts of customization options for any site’s products is made possible with our customer service team, who will keep you up to date with the status of your order by answering any questions along the way.


Have a gift idea already? Paste the link at and pay with Bitcoin!

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