“But can you buy anything with it?”

There are estimates saying already over 50,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin, and more joining the network every day, but not all of our favorite stores have been willing to open up to the new and improved online payment network.

Whether it’s ignorance or fear, the advantages of Bitcoin experienced by the people who use it every day are undeniable.


Bitcoin is accepted at over 50 locations in Berlin, Germany

Money of the future, now

After using Bitcoin, it quickly becomes clear that when you’re standing in line at the bank, signing a credit card receipt, or fetching the right coin out of your pocket, that there is a much better way we could all go about this.

“If only they accepted Bitcoin,” I’ve often thought.

Even with the growing acceptance of Bitcoin by large companies such as Overstock.com and TigerDirect.com, not all of our favorite shops are connected, especially the gems found in the realm of ecommerce…

That’s why a year ago we started all4btc.com, a service where people can buy creative and crazy things, as well as gifts, with Bitcoin, regardless of if the merchant even knows what Bitcoin is.

Ship anything

We have heard the famous Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos say that goat dung has more inherent value than paper money because it burns longer, and we agree.

And when we discovered an amazing service based in Germany that ships dung to your desired location, we thought this is still a better way to use bitcoins than to panic sell for quick-burning paper money.

SchenkScheisse.eu is a service that will deliver organic elephant poop anywhere in Europe.

They don’t accept Bitcoin, and exchange charts of BTC/POOP aren’t yet available, but the risky investor can trade bitcoins for elephant dung and have it shipped in days!

The website claims “surely there is someone who deserves such a gift,” and by filling out the shipping form — with your personal information kept “anonymous” — you can send shit anywhere.


How to buy

Click the bitcoin button below to purchase a shipment of Scheisse to your friend.

With Paypal and Bank Transfer it’s not anonymous, with bitcoins…

“Normal” Package


XL Package


If you would like to buy anything from merchants that do not accept Bitcoin, such as Amazon or eBay, check out all4btc.com and learn how to use those coins. We have customer support and are a registered company in Germany.

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