After our customers bought over 1 million worth of products using All4Btc, our suspicions were confirmed that people wanted to use Bitcoin for buying all sorts of things.

Many popular items included graphics cards for mining, studio recording equipment, and console gaming systems such as the Xbox One or PS4.

But these popular items were just a fraction of the wide variety of products Bitcoin owners wanted to buy, and definitely not as interesting as some orders we were pleased to receive.

One purchase that made us very jealous was the quadrocopter with GoPro camera.

One customer was apparently in need of a penis pump… probably for a “friend”.

Because using Bitcoin doesn’t show up on a bill that comes in the mail, there was no need to explain the purpose to a potentially confused wife.

Another customer seemed to have had enough of Twitch playing Pokemon and decided to buy an original Pokemon Red Game Boy game.

Live animals for Bitcoin?

We didn’t think it was possible either, but one resident of the U.S. was in need of making his or her moat a bit more lively with the help of a few Koi fish.

Many Bitcoin owners are also pet owners, as one dog-loving person bought a Puppy Potty Training Mat with fake grass and built-in drainage system.

Everyday grocery store items such as sea salt, Pampers Diapers, and a case of Dr. Pepper also regularly appeared on our shopping list.

Some things we didn’t ever think existed, and gave the all4btc team here in Berlin some great gift ideas, such as the Star Wars Jedi Bath Robe, or Floatation Tank vouchers for freeing the mind and relaxing the nerves after getting Goxed.

The demand for more stores to accept Bitcoin is strong, and until they wake up and begin accepting Bitcoin, we at all4btc are ready to take your order.

One thing’s for sure, the next million Euro worth of orders will definitely bring us some new ideas as well as some laughs, something which we’re looking forward to.

We at all4btc are thankful for our customers finding crazy products using our easy and fast service to buy anything with Bitcoin.

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