We are always trying to make our customer as happy as possible. In order to do that we constantly improving our customer relationships to always have the right answer to your questions.

During the implementation of the new back end program we also decided to make some personal changes. Our longtime co-worker Martin leaves our team to focus on other projects in his life. We took that as a chance to rethink our customer support team.

Outsourcing would be the easy option but in the end we think customer support is one of the most important things since our main goal is to make our users happy and to keep the privacy of our customers.

In the end we decided that we will hand over our support to the best man possible for this job, to our team member Jan.


Why is Jan perfect for the job?

  • Jan is co-founder and knows every little detail about the company
  • Jan is discrete and will keep your information private
  • He is passionate about Bitcoin since 3 years now and works on Bitcoin startups full time
  • Jan is smart and well organized
  • Jan is friendly and always happy :-)


Jan promises:

  • Answering requests in just a few minutes within official office hours
  • Solving every problem that might show up
  • Always being professional and discrete with all our customers


You want to buy anything and to pay with Bitcoin?

Our company features to shop any product you can imagine. Let’s have a look at our start-up portfolio:

  • Bitwala

    » The bill payment service for your paper invoices. Pay with bitcoin and pay off your personal debt, rent, electricity or telephone bill.

  • All4btc

    » The bitcoin shopping service for eBay, Amazon and any other merchant who does not accept Bitcoin. Buy and pay for products on any online shop where only PayPal, Credit Cards or SEPA wire is accepted.

  • E4btc

    » Europe’s number 1 electronics for bitcoin store  with more than 70.000 original Apple, Lenovo, Samsung etc. products directly purchased from the manufacturers.

  • Gold4btc

    » The fastest gold bars & coins store in Europe with low prices, insured and fast shipment or the opportunity to pick up your precious metals.


Get in touch with our premium support

  1. Telephone at +49 (0) 30 749 279 85
  2. Email to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Add our skype account to call or chat


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