How To Buy A Car With Bitcoin in Europe

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Happy 2016! With the year under way and your btc wallet is bigger than ever thanks to Grandmas Christmas cash, your probably asking yourself, what am I going to do with all of this Bitcoin burning through my wallet?

Hi, I am Dylan

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I will give you a little story about me, where I am from and what brings me to Bitcoins Berlin. I heard this saying recently that really resonated with me; Be the star of your own movie.

10 symptoms of having a partner obsessed with Bitcoin

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Guest post by Raphaela Lucsok, suffering partner of All4Btc Manager Phil Lucsok First of all, I don’t know anything about Bitcoin. I probably know more than the average human because for a while now every aspect of my life has somehow been connected to Bitcoin and its seemingly endless ways of improving the world. Here’s… Read more »

Get shit with Bitcoin (literally)

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“But can you buy anything with it?” There are estimates saying already over 50,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin, and more joining the network every day, but not all of our favorite stores have been willing to open up to the new and improved online payment network. Whether it’s ignorance or fear, the advantages of Bitcoin experienced… Read more »

Gifting with Bitcoin is as easy as Buying with Bitcoin

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Flowers for a loved one on a business trip, toys for your distant niece, making an anonymous donation…   People want to buy all sorts of things for their friends and family, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or a simple note to the wife thanking her for her patience with the recent Bitcoin exchange… Read more »

Drones, fish and other crazy stuff bought with Bitcoin

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  After our customers bought over 1 million worth of products using All4Btc, our suspicions were confirmed that people wanted to use Bitcoin for buying all sorts of things. Many popular items included graphics cards for mining, studio recording equipment, and console gaming systems such as the Xbox One or PS4. But these popular items were just… Read more »