Are you Bitcoin broke?

Sucks, don’t it? Definitions may vary, but to be Bitcoin broke, both of the following must be true

  • Have at least 90% of your wealth in Bitcoin
  • The Bitcoin price is too low (in your opinion)
  • You need a bit of fiat just to get by


You don’t want to sell, because you know that the price is going to go up, but you need money now for boring things like rent, heating and elephant faeces.

We at BitcoinsBerlin are feeling the pain. Each of us in the company has most of their wealth in Bitcoins and we sure as hell don’t want to sell them.

Our sales are correlated with the Bitcoin price

It doesn’t help that our sales are directly correlated with the Bitcoin price.


Is the Bitcoin price making you unhappy?

Have you got a bad case of the crypto gloom? One of the worst things about digital currencies is the fact that most people don’t really understand. What’s even more annoying is when people think they understand, but in fact they don’t.

I recently got a call from my mother:

Ben, I saw something on the news. I think Bitcoin’s closed down. I think it’s finished.

She was of course referring to M-T-gox. Just one of the 10 things that Bitcoiners hate to hear.

Keep cheery with Cryptohumour sites

Keep your spirits up with various cryptohumour sources.

Like The Onion but for Bitcoin. We really love The Coinion and it’s a great place to reflect on the level of public misunderstanding of Bitcoin.

Short and sweet. These comics have a wonderfully simple design that contrasts well with the complexity of the humour.




We’ve been curating all the wonderful gags and pictures created by the Bitcoin community on pinterest.



Until the price increases, remember that Spartans hold. If you really have to spend your Bitcoins, I guess we can help you out.

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