Are you Bitcoin broke?

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Are you Bitcoin broke? Sucks, don’t it? Definitions may vary, but to be Bitcoin broke, both of the following must be true Have at least 90% of your wealth in Bitcoin The Bitcoin price is too low (in your opinion) You need a bit of fiat just to get by You don’t want to sell,… Read more »

Giveaway: Samsung S5 when Bitcoin is above $1000

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When the price goes above $1000, we’re giving away a Samsung S5 to one of our customers.   “It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen” Joerg, our trusty CEO, was muttering to himself again. His French bulldog was tugging at the bottom of his jeans, but he just stared blankly at his screen -… Read more »

10 things Bitcoiners hate to hear

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“So, what do you do?” Most of the time we enjoy talking about Bitcoin and explaining what it is and how it works, but sometimes explaining the alien foundations of cryptocurrency can get slightly monotonous. We at Bitcoins Berlin do it a lot, but some days you’re tired and just want to have a normal conversation…. Read more »

6 Reasons why Berlin is crazy for Bitcoin

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There have been a number of high-profile articles insinuating a special relationship between the German Haupstadt and the world’s most used digital currency. We at Bitcoins Berlin, are obviously delighted by the buzz and the fact that we can get beer by scanning a QR code. Why and how did Berlin become a pilgrimage for Bitcoin?… Read more »

€2 or 2% for 2 weeks - Spring Offer

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To thank our customers for helping us to pass €1 million in revenues, revamping our shop and improving our support process, we are celebrating with a spring deal. Details of Spring Deal Fee: 2% Minimum: €2 Regular fee: 5%, regular minimum €7 How to take advantage Whether its’s a hat for your doge or a massive… Read more »

Year 1: €1 million in Sales

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No thank you letter? Not even an email? Amazon and Ebay (and a few other sites to boot) have enjoyed €1m euros worth of sales thanks to the Bitcoin economy and they might not even know it. It’s strange to believe that All4btc only launched one year ago. It seems like only yesterday we were chatting… Read more »