Who says you can’t live off of Bitcoin?

An early Bitcoin-adopter and new resident of Berlin allowed us to share his story of how he bought a beautiful new apartment with Bitcoin.

The new property owner was excited about his new purchase, saying the big and beautiful 150-square-meter apartment is “the perfect investment for where I am in my life now,” adding, “Having an apartment I can call my own, especially in Berlin, is a dream come true.”

Because the seller did not initially accept Bitcoin, we helped create acceptance and another life-changing purchase was made with Bitcoin.


Berlin — The Bitcoin Capital

The beautiful apartment has two balconies for moon-gazing, and is completely renovated with a clean, modern yet comfortable feel.

Not located so far from the “Bitcoin Kiez“, a cluster of many shops accepting such as the famous Room 77.

Bitcoin feels at home here, with over 50 accepting physical locations and an ever-growing Bitcoin development hub, and regular Bitcoin meetups


Another flat bought with Bitcoin

Recently there was a similar story of a Norwegian man, Kristoffer Koch, who forgot about his $27 investment that ballooned into a $725,000 asset after the recent boom in the price of Bitcoin last fall.

Koch cashed out his bitcoins using an exchange and then turned the Norwegian Krone over to his real estate agent to buy his own apartment in central Oslo.

However, this method of cashing out cost Mr. Koch the time it takes to make the two bank transfers required for such a transaction.

Our customer was also worried about the feasibility of selling over 500,000 Euro on an online exchange, and wasn’t sure about trusting his bank with such a large transaction.


berlin apartment

How it was done

By using Bitcoin directly, this transaction took only 10 minutes for the real estate agent to receive their money.

Martin from All4Btc.com worked closely with both the customer and the agent to create a fluid and secure transaction, as well as assuring that all taxes and fees were accounted for.

Personal contact and support established a clear understanding for the agent exactly how they receive the money immediately by using Bitcoin.

All in all, it took only three weeks from the customer contacting All4Btc.com to get the keys in hand.

Want to buy something crazy with Bitcoin? Get in touch with Martin and find out how.


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