We are the leading global shopping service by offering fulfilment for digital and physically shipped consumer goods and services, exclusive for bitcoin user.

Your packages are directly shipped by decentralized warehouses, online shops or marketplaces e.g. Amazon, eBay and any other from thousands of internet retailer.

We include thousands of bitcoin user with their favorite merchants, because All4btc does not require merchant integration.

We enable users from around the world to shop anything online with Bitcoin.

Serving thousands of global users and providing access to thousands of businesses, we are building the bridge to access emerging markets and new customers via online commerce.

Our fulfillment provides the same terms and conditions as stated by the seller. All kind of individually money-back, merchant’s guarantees or return policies are covered within our services. Please review our terms of services, the commissionaire contract for user and business, before shopping online.

Our dedicated and multi-lingual support team will help out to find the answer for even complicated order processes. Get in touch with [email protected] to clarity any technical feature or individual shipment tracking.

Bitcoin features consumer advantages

Avoiding bitcoin exchanges, All4btc empowers bitcoin users:

  • No exchange risk
  • No volatility risk
  • No transaction delays
  • No additional fees
  • No identification
  • No paper work
  • No account required
  • No bank or local currency required

We shop

  • In your name
  • with your invoice
  • providing manufacturer guarantee
  • directly shipped from the seller

Optimize the process of online shopping

All4btc is a shopping agent for you and the merchant.

  1. You collect the URL of your favorite product/s
  2. You calculate the total price incl. shipping to your favorite address
  3. You submit an individual order
  4. You enter your shipping information
  5. You pay the bitcoin invoice within 15 minutes
  6. We purchase the item(s)
  7. We confirm your shipping information
  8. We hand out your receipt
  9. We track your shipment
  10. You receive the product/s

Start to accept bitcoin and shorten your supply chain

You might be a merchant and be curious about all the advantages bitcoin brings to ecommerce…

Our All4btc payment checkout is powered by the leading bitcoin business solution and merchant payment provider BitPay.

Are you a business owner?

Start collecting global online payments today.

Accept Bitcoin !

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