Super bowl 50 fly over


Super Bowl 50

Is less than a week away and Bitwala, and want to make this years game between The Denver Broncos & The Carolina Panthers one to remember.

We have put together a 3 step guide on how you can spend Bitcoin and host a great Super Bowl party the same time.

First thing you need is the the right electronics set up.

Most important is what you are watching on.Traditional thinking says bigger is better and If you subscribe to this theory, we suggest you buy the BenQ TH681 Home Theater Projector.

This is a great combination of size, picture quality and ease of use.

projecor with bitcoin, home theater. superbowl. big screen.

Buy a BenQ Home Projector with Bitcoin.

 LG 55LV75A-5B - 55" Class ( 54.64" viewable ) - commercial use LED-backlit LCD flat panel display - 1080p (FullHD) - direct-lit LED - black

LG 55LV75A-5B - 55” inch Flat screen TV

If you believe size isn’t everything, head over to and have a look at our selection of HD TV’s that are available in many sizes, including the 55 Inch LG 55LV75A-5B.

Second, you and your guests need somewhere comfortable to sit.

We all know how Ikea is bang for your buck, but lefts face it, you don’t want to be putting your couch together right before your friends arrive on Super Bowl Sunday.

Think about investing in a proper sofa, something that will last you a lifetime, do yourself a favor and get your self a Laz-boy. You work hard all day and you deserve to take a load off and sink into one of these beauties.

Comfortable black leather chair made by lazboy.

Black leather recliner from Lazboy

Next, choose the model you like then fill out our online form at pay with Bitcoin and have it shipped to your house.

Third and maybe the most important is the Super Bowl food.

If your new to Super Bowl food and don’t know what to make, here are a few Super Bowl staples.

  1. Chicken wings
  2. Chili
  3. Nachos

Maybe cooking isn’t your thing and you want delivery from favorite restaurant, don’t forget to pay using Bitwala. You can pay with Bitcoin fast and easy using our new Bitwala Debit Card, its as easy as this:

  1. Sign in on Bitwala and get verified
  2. Order your card and top it up
  3. Start spending your Bitcoins everywhere on the planet.

Lastly, let me give you a pro tip

If you do take my advice and treat yourself to a great Superbowl set up, hit record on your DVR, walk away for 90 minutes, have a drink with the guys, suck down a dozen wings and couple bowls of chili, then go back to watch the game.

You can skip through the commercials and get through this marathon of a game so you can pass out in you’re new chair.


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