We offer a full Get-your-money-back guarantee, if we can not fulfill the order.

Since the beginning of our operations we make it easy:

1. You pay, we fulfill.
2. If we can not fulfill, we refund you.

( Just to make sure, this is what we do not buy: Subscriptions, Tor markets, or darknet sites, P18 stuff when you are not 18. )

Find our arguments to shop online using bitcoin:

1. Our fee is the cheapest on the entire planet.

Please review the Frequently Answered Questions before shopping and include our commission in your calculation.

2. Check your daily order status

Our shopping agent serves customers every business day. We guarantee that within 24 to 48 hours the order has been proceeded - Check your order status!

3. Your dedicated support team enables sophisticated communication

To sort things out, we highly recommend using our ticket system.

Before ordering, click to subscribe email confirmations for your order. You will receive specific status updates for the whole process and each individually order.

If you are looking for to get in our priority inbox direct asking questions e.g. before ordering get in touch via [email protected]

4. Simple Refund Policy

Our refund policy states the user have to contact [email protected] to initiate a refund.

Hint: Our users cannot initiate a refund from our merchant processor BitPay without all4btc’s consent. BitPay does not handle customer requests for refunds, as BitPay is an agent of the merchant, not the customer.

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